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Sharpening Your Woodworking Tools


There seem to be a lot of ways by which you can keep your tools sharp and effective.

A lot of these woodworking tools can be kept sharp using an abrasive whetstone to rub the surface of the blade to a narrow cutting edge.

Natural stones of high quality are quite expensive, but quality results also can be gotten from synthetic, cheaper stones.

Still, on the sharpening process, you can lubricate whetstones either with oils or water so as to avoid overheating and also avoid the fine particles of stone and metal from settling on the abrasive surface.

Whetstones generally can only be gotten in rectangular block form, to ease the sharpening of tools that are used for daily activities in the wood shop. You can also sharpen your blade using flat metal plates that have abrasive powder dusted on it.


Most of the natural and man-made sharpening stones are greased with light and durable oil.

One of the finest oils, Novaculite can only be found in Arkansas, although the crystals occur naturally in different grades.

The primary use of this oil is shape edged tools.

The other synthetic oilstones which are made from silicon carbide or aluminum oxide can also be used, and they are considered to be very cheap compared to the natural equivalent.


Because if it’s friable and soft nature, a sharpening stone with water lubricant tends to cut faster than the oilstone, this is as a result of the instant and constant exposure of fresh abrasive particles as the metal blade is driven across the Waterstone surface.

Its softness, however, makes Waterstone prone to accidents, typically when dealing with narrow chisels that could mistakenly score the surface of the stone.

Waterstones occurring naturally are quite expensive; this is why a lot of people sort for the varieties since it’s of almost the same efficiency.

Diamond stones

The Diamond stones are comprised of a nickel plated steel plate calibrated with monocrystalline particles of diamond and strongly attached to a firm polycarbonate base.

These fast cutting sharpening stones can either be used with its surface dried or can be lubricated. Carbides and steels also can be sharpened with the diamond stones.



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